Our Collaboration

Helping people survive cancer requires an ongoing and everlasting commitment to collaboration.

From the academic research that fuels our product development and commercialization activities, to a corporate social responsibility to support the clinical and educational missions of patient, diagnostic, treatment, regulatory and payer organizations, Preora Healthcare embraces the value inherent in strong partnerships.

Through current and future partnerships and collaborations, Preora Healthcare will empower organizations to further expand the potential applications for PWS NanocytologyTM, resulting in new tools for physicians, cytologists, cytopathologists and researchers to deploy in the battle against cancer.

“Mutually beneficial collaborations will lead to the successful development, approvals and worldwide adoption of our cancer screening tests.”
Preora Healthcare President & CEO John W. Hart

Current Collaborations

Here are a few examples of organizations with whom Preora partners on behalf of patients worldwide.

Northwestern University

Preora benefits from many partnerships with Northwestern, including the provision of tissue samples that support the company’s clinical research. The main direction of Dr. Vadim Backman’s Biophotonics Laboratory in the Department of Biomedical Engineering is the development of novel optical spectral and imaging techniques for screening, diagnosis and detection of disease, and characterization of biological and bioengineered tissue. The school’s Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) catalyzes the translation of Northwestern innovations to benefit the public and contribute to economic growth. Preora appreciates INVO’s strong support for the company.

Boston University

Through the leadership of Preora Board Member and Chair of the Advisory Board Hemant Roy, MD, Preora has forged a strong and growing relationship with the Boston University Medical Center. As chief of the Section of Gastroenterology, Dr. Roy and his colleagues at the medical center are partners in the company’s clinical research efforts, serving as an important source of tissue samples for our ongoing studies.

NanoCytomics LLC

Powered by a passion to effect dramatic improvements in cancer survival rates, NanoCytomics’ team members in-license the scientific breakthroughs produced at Northwestern’s Biophotonics Laboratory and applies its product development expertise to creating new cancer screening tests likely to succeed in the global marketplace. Preora’s close and deep collaboration with NanoCytomics is evident in the exclusive licensing agreement for commercializing new products, and in NanoCytomics current position as the lead investor in Preora.


The Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO) Institute’s PROPEL Center helps guide the development of formation-stage and early-stage life sciences companies by providing entrepreneurs with access to specialized resources and expertise to prepare them for early-stage funding. Since its creation in 2015, Preora has been the grateful recipient of PROPEL’s strategic counsel and merit-based financial awards.

NU CLP Institute

Northwestern University’s Chemistry of Life Processes Institute addresses the goal of discovering the molecular basis of life and its application to problems in health and disease by driving innovation through multidisciplinary collaborations, accelerating research through cutting-edge instrumentation, translating these discoveries into society, and educating the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers. Preora has enjoyed several mutually beneficial collaborations with members of the Institute.


Preora is proud to be a member of MATTER, the Chicago-based community of healthcare innovators, incubator of ideas, and catalyst for change. MATTER describes itself as boots-on-the-ground entrepreneurs pushing against the status quo and established institutions dedicated to improving patients’ lives. At MATTER we are all hungry for change, and we’re working together to solve real and complex healthcare problems. Through close collaborations, Preora and MATTER work together to achieve goals that are in their respective strategic interests, while also benefitting the Chicago life science community.

Future Collaborations

Laboratory Companies

Long before Preora transitions from a CLIA-certified laboratory marketing Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), the company will seek to explore potential collaborations with several of the world’s largest reference laboratories. These business relationships will be critical to Preora’s successful commercialization of cancer screening tests that require the scale and test throughput far in excess of the company’s single, on-site laboratory.

Diagnostic Companies

Exploring the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations with companies that also are dedicated to helping people survive cancer is a strategic imperative for Preora over the next two to three years.

Biopharmaceutical Companies

Preora’s focus on helping people survive cancer is grounded in the understanding that early detection can lead to clinicians providing treatments when they are most likely to be effective. revolutionizing the early detection of cancer is grounded in a well-established truth. By seeking opportunities to partner with biopharmaceutical companies for the benefit of population health initiatives, Preora intends to “do well by doing good.”

Patient Advocacy Groups

From the American Lung Association to the Colon Cancer Alliance to the World Health Organization, the list of patient advocacy organizations with which Preora intends to forge long-lasting relationships is quite lengthy. Partnering with patient groups to raise awareness of the value of two-tiered approaches to cancer screening will not only support the business needs of Preora, but it will also help the company reach its goal of earning the status of a socially responsible corporate citizen.