Revolutionizing Early Cancer Detection

Preora President & CEO John Hart provides a brief summary of the company’s mission, vision and foundational scientific principles

Early Detection to Beat Cancer

Using commentary from Drs. Backman and Subramanian, and Preora Pres. & CEO Hart, Northwestern University produced this short video to explain how their new screening tests could reduce cancer deaths by ten fold.

Nanocytology: Breaking the Diffraction Barrier

In this Northwestern University video, Drs. Backman and Subramanian and Preora Pres. & CEO Hart briefly explain the science of biopics that led to the combination of a traditional microscope with a spectroscope to develop Partial Wave Spectroscopy. The breakthroughs in engineering enable the Preora team to look at cellular activity at the nanoscale level in order to help people survive cancer.

Overview of Dr. Backman’s NU Biophotonics Laboratory

This video served as the introduction to Dr. Backman’s presentation to the Milken Institute

Dr. Backman Addresses the Milken Institute

Watch the Preora chairman’s full presentation and video introduction

Early Cancer Detection: The Key to Saving Lives

Dr. Backman’s opening remarks at the Milken Institute highlighted the value of two-tiered cancer screening

Harnessing the Field Effect with PWS Nanocytology

In this excerpt from his Milken Institute presentation, Dr. Backman describes field carcinogenesis, and how Preora’s proprietary technology platform is able to use nanocytology to create cancer screening tests