TOO MANY OF OUR LOVED ONES ARE DYING OF CANCER. Despite many of the advancements in healthcare, most cancers are diagnosed in the late stages of disease progression when treatments are less effective, resulting in unacceptably low survival rates.The entire Preora Healthcare team approaches each day with a clear mission: dramatically improve patient survival rates through the early detection and treatment of cancer.

Preora’s PWS Nanocytology™ platform detects early cellular changes at the nanoscale level that cause cancer, and the corresponding impact on treatments for cancer. The platform is composed of includes three core technologies, from sample preparation to analysis, that will increase the depth and quality of clinically relevant information. For more information, visit our Opportunities page.

Early Cancer Detection: The Key to Saving Lives Dr. Backman’s opening remarks at the Milken Institute highlighted the value of two-tiered cancer screening

Preora’s PWS Nanocytology™ Platform Includes Three Core Technologies

PWS Nanocytology™ detects cellular changes long before they’re evident at the “Micro” level

PWS Nanocytology™ Enables People to See Things They’ve Never Seen Before

Macro level: X-rays & CT scans provide some signs of disease by imaging the lesions or masses observed in the organ. Micro level: Pathologists rely on high-power microscopes to investigate the gross morphology of cellular structures within the tissue. Nano level: Our PWS NanocytologyTM enables clinicians to analyze the nanoscale morphology within the cellular structures, such as the nuclei, thus revealing the earliest warning signs of cancer!

Latest Company News

Preora Expands Pipeline, Creates New Corporate Identity

Announcement of new products and name change to Preora Healthcare coincides with initiation of Series A financing round. (Oct. 24, 2017) Click to view

Preora’s Cancer Screening Platform Honored by Two Chicago Organizations

Preora has received two prestigious recognitions that acknowledge the promise of its PWS NanoctyologyTM platform to make dramatic improvements in cancer survival rates. (Sept. 21, 2017) Click to view

Preora Names Micah Litow Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

New executive provides broad expertise commercializing medical device products. (Sept. 20, 2017) Click to view

Preora Receives Prestigious Award from Northwestern University

Novel sample preparation technology identified as an important innovation for company’s cancer screening tests, and for external clinicians and researchers. (Aug. 11, 2017) Click to view

Preora’s Product Development Company Receives ISO 13485 Quality Certification

Company takes critical step in the commercialization of its PWS NanocytologyTM cancer screening technology platform. (Aug. 3, 2017) Click to view

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